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Printing Labels & Printing Stickers - address labels, label printer, wine labels, bar code labels, clothing labels, ...

Absolute Printworks is located in Abbotsford in Melbourne and provides commercial printing of labels for clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and other areas and throughout Australia.

We print labels for Cleaning Products, Pet Food, Beauty Products, Candles & Aromatherapy, General Products, Barcode Labels & Product Pricing labels. We can print address labels (or address labels), clothing labels, wine labels, care labels, address labels, wine labels and so on. We are label printers who specialise in commercial and business printing.

All prices for printing commercial labels below are based on white gloss or matt adhesive stock. All labels are supplied on rolls.

Pre-Printed Labels Colour Swatch: SPOT COLOURS

Please click on the links below for the different colour schemes for our stickers and labels.

  1. K200 colours for general label printing, white gloss and matt adhesive
  2. K500 colours for OUTDOOR VINYL LABELS (white & clear)

Label Printing Prices - Excludes GST

Type 1 Labels 13x25 21x21 16x47 20x40 20x45 25x47 25x62 27x70 28x35 10x56 60x20 15x15 32x32
Round Labels (Diameter): 14 mm 19 mm 28 mm
250 $75 $80 $80
500 $80 $80 $80
1000 $85 $98 $112
2000 $136 $156 $180
Type 2 Labels 30x100 51x30 40x50 50x50 50x60 50x55 42x65
Round Labels (Diameter): 33 mm 39 mm
54 triangle Aussie Map
250 $80 $80 $95
500 $85 $95 $105
1000 $105 $121 $139
2000 $168 $193 $223
Type 3 Labels 50x66 50x80 54x70 55x78 55x93 72x93 45x195
Round Labels (Diameter): 75 mm
55x85 (oval) 59x52 (triangle)
250 $85 $95 $98
500 $95 $109 $125
1000 $139 $161 $185
2000 $222 $257 $296
Type 4 Labels 47x86 35x120 49x105 50x140 50x191 55x105 90x65 250 $85 $100 $105
500 $115 $156 $176
1000 $218 $251 $283
2000 $349 $417 $452
Type 5 Labels 75x150 94x200 250 $105 $115 $132
500 $176 $203 $234
1000 $283 $325 $373
2000 P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.

Please note that our prices for label printing services & printing labels such as address labels, wine labels, care labels, etc. are subject to change without notice.

Want to print your own labels?

For those of you who want to print your own labels & are looking to buy label printers, we recommend you visit the Barcode Print Shop. At the Barcode Print Shop you can not only purchase Toshiba Label Printers & TSC Thermal Label Printers, but also a huge range of consumables including Thermal Printer Ribbons, Thermal Direct Printer Labels & Thermal Transfer Labels.

For More Information ...

As there are so many different types of labels we can print, it is not possible for us to list every pre-printed label we can print on this site. For example, we can print library labels, wine labels, address labels, warning labels, chemical labels, adhesive labels, care labels, fragile labels, freezer labels, laser labels, medical labels, personalised labels, security labels, shelf labels, shipping labels, self adhesive sticker labels, and sticky labels of almost any type.

If you cannot find the type or style of label you are looking to have printed, please feel free to call us (on (03) 8420 7776), email us or use our Inquiry Form to make an inquiry. We will endeavour to respond to your email or Inquiry Form submission within 24 business hours.